Our Work

Kalesi Navatoga
After suffering a stroke a little over 2 years ago, Kalesi Navatoga (here with grand-daughter) of Votua Village remains largely paralysed on the left side of her body and unable to look after her family and play with her grandchildren, dress herself properly, or cook food. She can transfer from her wheelchair to another piece of furniture however would really like to improve her balance, strength, and movement to play with her grandchildren more. These skills can be provided by CCR and their physiotherapy and occupational therapy service.
Serupeleli Viqasi
He was once a quick and agile rugby player, but now spends most of his days in pain, seated on his front porch overlooking the village green space. Over the years, arthritis in his joints has limited his movement impacting on his abilitity to cook, dress, and engage in other village activities. Viqasi is looking forward to learning strategies and exercises from the CCR team to live more free from pain and independently.
Kelevi Biu and Apalosi Ranawai

Aporosa Togakai’s two youngest children, Kelevi Biu (age 8) and Apalosi Ranawai (age 5), were born with a hereditary abnormality affecting their neuro-muscular system that remains undiagnosed to date. Aparosa’s family and relatives seek help from CCR to learn what condition the children are living with, what can be done to help their physical condition, what are their current health priorities, and further carer education.